"Jerry, on July 5th 2013 you took the wife and I on by far the best fishing trip of our lives considering we caught 55-60 fish in just a few hours!!! We absolutely had a blast and the best date we have ever had! My wife is not too much of an outdoorsman but I think she is hooked on crappie fishing! The trip was more than we expected and we can’t wait for our next trip. We caught a mess of crappie! We will be back and bringing more people with us next time. The guide service you run is top notch."
"Jerry I wanted you to know how much it meant to me to see my wife catch her first crappie. Kevin took us out and we could not have had a better day on the lake than we had that day. Kevin definitely has the people skills and expertise you want out there representing your operation and safeguarding your reputation. Kevin also allowed me to have a good fishing experience by helping my wife with pointers, baiting her hook, and getting the fish in the live well. My biggest treat as a lifelong fisherman, was having someone else clean my fish for a change. I think it is important for everyone to know that it is worth the cost and they will have no regrets because it is just as you say under “Why a Guide”. I have tried on my own with little success, and now with some of what I learned fishing with Kevin, I know without a doubt, I will be a better angler and it is hard to put a value on that!"
 "Kenny Taylor, Barbara & Grandsons would Like to extend our appreciation & gratitude to you & Kevin for a great & unforgettable trip. My oldest grandson Taylor (age 11) enjoyed this adventure better than amusement parks, I didn't know that was possible. He remembers catching that humongous Gar more than anything. He just doesn't understand why he couldn't have him.
Kevin I hope you enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed you & you're help & expertise. I hope you didn't mind the kids because I appreciate how good you were with them. I haven't been fishing in years & I didn't remember how much fun it can be. This is the way to go fishing if you are not every week fisher, the price is very reasonable also. I am recommending this adventure to everyone. Check our catch out on Kevin's pictures 5/27/2012."
Thanks again,"
"I just wanted to thank you and Kevin for a great trip April 20 (2012). Kevin did a great job of hunting and finding fish in less than pleasant weather conditions. He definitely proved he is a patient man dealing with the five of us. All five of us had a great time and really enjoyed the experience. I was so tickled for my 10 year old granddaughter as she caught the most fish by far. I love catching crappie and we thoroughly enjoyed the results. My wife and I are thinking about coming back for an early summer trip with another couple and I feel quite certain we will be hiring someone in your service. You have a great organization."
 "Thank you so very much for our day of fishing. I don't get to spend time with my son as often as I would like, but the time we spent with you and Owen yesterday will be a day I will cherish and remember. Your patience and understanding is rivaled only by your kindness and knowledge. While the weather was not too cooperative early on, you made sure our trip was a success and I appreciate the fact that you extended our day so that we would have a "mess" of fish to bring home.
Once again, thank you for the opportunity of spending the day in a relaxing, friendly atmosphere and I look forward to another trip."
"Thanks so much for a wonderful trip. We really enjoyed it. Conditions were tough considering the time of year, water levels and a cold front coming through the night before. Under these conditions, most trips would have been a failure.
WOW. How do you do it? 31 keeper crappie up to two pounds. My wife and I have never fished deep water lakes or your technique of fishing. I would like for other people to understand how much we enjoyed our trip.
P.S. Next time let me catch the two pounders instead of my wife."

        "I would like to thank you for both Tim and myself for the wonderful fishing trip we had with you this month. I have never been on one and really didn’t know what to expect. What actually happened is something I will always remember. Your professionalism, patience and helpful guidance was just what I needed to successfully catch fish and have a blast doing it! On one of our half days Owen came along as deck hand, he is knowledgeable beyond his years and I enjoyed his presence. Thank you again for a lasting memory."
        "You are a real pro, not only in fishing and hosting but in outstanding human relations; patient and able to keep everyone comfortable and at ease and even entertained with your timely comments.
        My twin brother and I decided to give each other a guided crappie fishing trip for our joint birthday. We selected you and the gifts were among the best ever: 22 crappie and a bass on beautiful Lake Greeson! Thank you so much for a truly wonderful and memorable occasion.
        Oh yeah, did we mention that the birthday was our 80th; and that is 80 years each!"
 "Just want to thank you for the very enjoyable fishing trips we took last week. Although any day on the water is better than a day at work for us, the two mornings were more than just fun. Although we were having a day off you were hard at work and made the two morning fishing a success. Your efforts at putting us on the fish were not unnoticed and greatly appreciated. We will look back on our trip to Arkansas as very relaxing with the fishing definitely a highlight. 
 You are the most patient person we have met in a very long time. Anyone who can put up with kids constantly tuggin on your pant leg, and singing and talking as much as my boys do, is a very special person. Thanks again, and we will see you again.
Here's to MONSTER crappies!!!!"
 "My two sons, grandson and I enjoyed fishing with you on Saturday. You are an amazing, skillful pro at what you do but even more importantly, you are a classy, courteous gentleman. One other attribute that I was not expecting was your wit and entertaining style. As a Hot Springs resident and a native Arkie, I thrill to have you represent our state in your relationship with out-of-state customers; a worthy ambassador.
I was sorry that the frigid weather caused us to cut our day short, but it was nevertheless a red letter day for us and we have the pictures to prove it! We all hope to fish with you again."
 "I just wanted to say thank-you again for our recent trip with you. You have such a love for what you do for a living.....and it shows.
Austin had such a wonderful time trying to catch that big ol' catfish and you were so very patient with him. He doesn't have much confidence in himself, and you really gave him a boost with your encouragement. :O) For that Allen & I both thank you.
Allen was absolutely the most relaxed I've seen him in quite awhile; he was TRULY in his element! I personally just felt so very blessed to see such a beautiful (and undisturbed ) place! Such scenery!
We all look forward to booking you again sometime. Next time there will be 5 of us, so you will meet our other two sons. It will also be when it's a wee bit cooler!
By the way, we did go for lunch at the Fish Nest you recommended. It was GREAT! Thanks for telling us about it.
 "I will always remember that day - my first trip to Arkansas, and the first time I ever had a blast Fishing!!
My dad & mom & friends enjoyed this Fishing Experience and hopefully one day come back for ROUND 2!!
I had a great time fishing ,and learning from you. Take care, see u soon!!!
Thank you for the ACTION!!!!!"
 "Thanks again for a wonderful day of fishing.
All the guys were extremely happy with our trip.
I sure hope I can get back some day to do it again.
We really enjoyed your humor, patience and knowledge.
We spent quite a bit of time on hour 10.5 hour ride back to IL talking about our day with you."  
 "I am so glad Don and Pat took me fishing for my 60th birthday!
I had sooo much fun catching my first fish of my life.
You made it so much nicer with your knowledge, patience and ability to teach an old dog new tricks without me even feeling like I was in school.
Thank you so much,"
 "I want to thank you for an outstanding day of fishing.
I truly enjoyed your wonderful hospitality and your professionalism in locating and catching crappie.
This was my first ever trip in which someone baited my hook, netted the fish and took them off the hook.
I learned some new techniques for catching crappie and hopefully can come back in the future for another trip.
Again, thanks so much for your patience and ability to find the fish!"
 "I am an avid Crappie fisherman here at home in the shallow waters of Ross Barnett Reservoir near Jackson, Mississippi and to fish Hamilton and Greeson was such a wonderful experience.
I have never fished in such beautiful surroundings.
You are a true professional and one of the most gentle and kind persons I have ever fished with.
Any person considering a fishing trip with you will get far more than their moneys worth.
Thank you for an absolutely marvelous time."
 "I just want to thank you again for the great time that we had fishing with you. It was the highlight of our trip.
You were great with our son who talked your ear off and you definitely knew where the fish were.
We appreciated everything you did and will be coming back next year!"
 "Our trip with you has made both of our girls outdoor fanatics.
They talked all the way home about fishing and being in your boat.
They had a blast and so did we. The girls have both asked almost daily when we can go fishing again.
I can guarentee that when our travel plans take us through Hot Springs we will be calling you for a repeat trip.
Thank you for being so accomodating to our change in plans and for showing us such a good time.
The day on Lake Hamilton was the highlight of our entire 16 day vacation.
Hoping to see you again soon."  
 "Thanks again for taking Sharon and I (Gary) on such short notice.
We had a GREAT TIME and Sharon is telling everyone about her 15# Gar.
Thanks for putting the picture on. We look forward to seeing you on our next trip to Hot Springs.
Thanks Again,"
 "Just wanted to say thanks -- we all had a wonderful time and are looking forward to making a repeat trip...
We ate the fish this weekend -- I grilled some and did some with the Cheese Ritz recipe on your website -- it was great both ways.
Thanks again,"
 "Thanks again for a great time. It was a great thrill and wonderful experience to be fishing with a very good guide.
And - not only fishing, but 'catching' - that's the part we all liked the most. I'm sure you noticed we all enjoyed it very much.
All agreed that they were having FUN!!! They began calling this trip 'our first annual'. Hope that comes about next year.
Thanks again, we appreciate very much all the efforts you made to make our trip an unforgettable, once in a life time experience.
Good Luck for a very successful fall of fishing and catching."
"I just wanted to drop you a line and once again thank you for such a great time fishing.
You have sold me on the value of having a fishing guide.
Your professionalism and congenial personality made this fishing trip our favorite ever.
You have "set the bar" very high for any other fishing guides we might use in other locations.
Be assured though, when we come back to Hot Springs, you will be our guide. (We are already trying to schedule our next trip. We really enjoy the area.)
I wish you the best in all your endeavors."
 "We had a great time fishing with you Friday morning (6/11).
The fish fed all 11 of us, and it was fantastic - great flavor!
It even tasted better, knowing that we caught the fish that fed our families.
Thank you for a wonderful experience. Next time I'm in town, I plan on coming out again!
Thank you!"
 "We really had an awesome time fishing with you.
My grandpas couldn't stop bragging about what a great time we had.
Can't wait to have a good old fashion fish fry.
Thanks for spending so much time with me and helping me catch the most fish and teaching me about crappie fishing.
I'm already talking to my dad about you taking us again in the fall.
Thanks Again"
 "Once again I want to thank you for an excellent trip.
Your patience with the children was very professional.
Unlike some guides you made sure your clients were the ones catching fish instead of yourself, that says alot about you.
You provided a good family atmosphere that the girls are still talking about.
When we return to Hot Springs we will definitely be booking a return trip.
Thanks again!!!!"
"We had to write again on your site to make sure others know of what a great time we had fishing with you.
Even though the fish weren’t biting that particular day the best ever, we were quite pleased with the bass and crappie we caught.
You are a really nice guy and because you love what you do you made it so much fun for us!
You were always on top of every need before we even knew what we needed…! “Fish On” is a favorite saying of ours now!"
 "The fishing trip was the highlight of our visit to Hot Springs. The kids are still talking about it and telling anyone who will listen! We will look forward to fishing with you again!"
 "Had a great time with you fishing Lake Hamilton!
You taught us the techniques and showed us some hot spots that led to me catching the biggest Crappie of my life.
Thank you so much for the education and the memories.
We will be back!"
 "I want to say thank you TONS for such a wonderful fishing trip!! Allen and I both are going to definitely call you again.
We showed our boys what we caught and they were just as excited as we were!
Thanks again for our trip, we look forward to seeing you again sometime."
 "I just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed our fishing trip today. The girls had a good time and I thank you for that. I did too.
We are looking forward to being able to come back and fish with you again. I appreciate the effort you put into our trip. I will recommend you to my friends.
We will see you soon.
Thanks again."
"Just wanted to say thanks again for showing Ryan and me how to fish with the long poles. We've been trying them out on our lake and have over 200-keeper crappie in the last week and half. So I guess you could say that we're hooked on the long poles now.
We've always done pretty good on the crappie, but this year is by far the best year that I've ever had and the only difference has been the long pole. I'm going again tonight after work, I just can't get enough of it.
Thanks again and maybe we can do it again next spring.”
 "We really enjoyed our fishing trip. You are a great fishing guide. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon! We hope to come back soon."
 "I just want to thank you for the great trip today for my friends, and I. We all had a great time and we will treasure the memories that you gave us today. Thanks again and we will give you A'holler next time we are in your neck of the woods."
        "The trip was fantastic and we are already planning the next. Julie and I were very proud that the boys did so well. We heard about how they both out fished us most the way home."
 "It appears that you have been quite busy since we were there. I guess folks saw our catch and hurried on up there. Some of the folks caught more fish than we did, they probably fished all day. I am still excited that I cast for that one. I could be really dangerous if you were to teach me a few more tricks. We had a good time and thank you very much."
 "We wanted to let you know we had a GREAT time fishing with you. You were really great with my son also. He had a blast. My husband is already talking about a trip in August. We definitely will give you a call when we come back to Hot Springs."
    "Thanks for the pictures. We all had a great time and really enjoyed the day with you on the lake. I've already showed the pictures to the guys here at work and they can't believe all the fish!
    We had a fish fry Sunday night and it was delicious! The crappie was excellent but the walleye was fantastic! We found some local grown corn on the cob and vine ripened tomatoes to go with it.
    Thanks for the trip and putting up with a bunch of old Arizona desert rats. We all made it back safe to our DRY HEAT! "
    "John and I enjoyed ourselves immensely. We were impressed with how hard you worked and how much fun you also seemed to be having. If the opportunity ever arises for us to fish out of Hot Springs again, you will be the first phone call. Thanks for a memorable day."