Fillet stripers and remove ALL the red meat.
Start with a large stock potand about twice the volume of water as the amount of food
you plan to cook. Add about 1/4-cup Louisiana Fish Fry Products brand Crawfish, Crab,
Shrimp Boil seasoning per quart of water depending on how spicy you want your food.
Bring seasoned water to a rolling boil and add the desired amount of small
new potatoes and boil about 10-minutes. Then add the desired amount
of mini corn-on-the-cob, and boil an additional 10-minutes.
Remove the corn (if you don't want it real spicy), turn the heat off and
add chunks of striper fillets. Cover and let stand for 10 to 20-minutes.
After about 10-minutes taste a piece of striper to see if it's as spicy as you want it.
The longer the fish stays in the water the spicier it gets. Remove the fish and
then the potatoes with a large slotted or screened spoon being careful not
to break up the fish chunks too much. Drizzle with melted butter and enjoy!
If you're cooking for a large crowd multiple batches can be made using the same water. 
Cut fillets (preferably Crappie or Walleye) into bite size nuggets about 1"x 1"
Lightly coat with equal amounts of table mustard and Louisiana Hot Sauce
Roll in self-rising white corn meal seasoned to taste with black pepper
Deep fat fry in canola or peanut oil at 365-degrees
Use a deep fry/candy thermometer - temperature IS important!
Take nuggets out as soon as they start to float up off the bottom
    Cool on layers of newspaper covered with a paper towel and serve
    warm with onion, Cole Slaw, Hush Puppies and Taters

    Mix 1-cup self rising flour, 1-cup self rising white cornmeal mix, 3-heaping
    tablespoons sugar, 1 egg, 1-15.25-ounce can cream style corn and 1/2-cup
    chopped onion in a small mixing bowl and let stand about 10-minutes
        Drop by heaping teaspoons, using two spoons, (or a cookie dough
        scoop works very well) into canola or peanut oil at 365-degrees
    Give 'em a poke to turn over (if they don't turn themselves) and
    fry until dark brown on all sides
    Place on several layers of paper towels to cool
    Optional Variations: Add chopped jalapeños (fresh or pickled)
    and/or chopped bell peppers and/or minced garlic
        Place 4 - 6 leftover Fried Fish nuggets from above recipe in a
        375-degree preheated toaster oven for 5 to 8-minutes
        Spread two slices of sandwich bread or a hamburger bun with
        Tarter Sauce or mayonnaise and dill pickle relish, add heated
        nuggets and a slice of American Cheese
    Cook about 4-cups crappie fillets in about 8-cups of water seasoned
    with 1 - 2 Tablespoons Old Bay Seasoning or Crawfish/Crab/Shrimp Boil
    at just below a simmer for about 15-minutes, drain, let cool a few
    minutes and chop/flake into small pieces.
    While fillets are cooking, sauté about 4-cups cubed style frozen hash
    brown potatoes, 1-cup finely chopped onion, 1-cup finely chopped celery
    with salt and pepper to taste in ¼-cup butter or olive oil in a large skillet
    or heavy sauce pan just until potatoes are tender but not mushy.
    Add 1-can Cream of Mushroom Soup, 1-can Cream of Celery Soup and 2
    to 3-cups milk depending on how thick you want your chowder. Bring to
    a slow simmer, stir in fish and simmer about 10-minutes, stirring
    occasionally to prevent sticking. Serve with Ritz or Oyster Crackers.

    Cook 4 medium size crappie fillets (or equivalent) in 4-cups of water
    seasoned with 1-Tablespoon Old Bay Seasoning (more or less to suit
    taste) at just below a simmer for about 15-minutes, drain and
    keep warm until ready to serve.
    While fillets are cooking, cook a small package of your favorite style of
    egg noodles in a heavy sauce pan following package directions.
    While fillets and noodles are cooking, heat one jar of prepared Alfredo
    Sauce in the microwave in a heavy, glass, microwave-safe bowl stirring
    occasionally until hot.
    To Serve:
    Place a serving of cooked noodles in a large, shallow bowl, flake two
    cooked fillets into small, bite-size pieces and place over noodles. Cover
    with heated Alfredo Sauce and serve hot with garlic bread, side salad or
    steamed veggies.
    Takes about 20-minutes to prepare and makes two generous servings.

        Cut Black Bass, White Bass, Hybrid White Bass or Striper
        fillets into about 1/2" x 1" nuggets
        Marinate nuggets several hours or overnight in
        ZestyItalian Salad Dressing
        Cut a package of Hickory Smoked Bacon into thirds so
        each strip makes three short pieces
        Wrap each nugget with a piece of bacon and
        skew with a toothpick
        Place nuggets on a broiler pan and bake at 425 degrees for ten
        minutes then turn over and bake 10-minutes more
Reheat leftovers in 375-degree toaster oven for about 5-minutes
    Whisk 1/4-cup sugar with 1/4-cup white vinegar in a large mixing
    bowl until sugar dissolves
    Add 1-tsp table mustard, 1-teaspoon celery seed and
    1-cup Hellmann's Mayonnaise and whisk until smooth
    Stir in 1/2-cup chopped onion and a package of shredded cabbage and
    carrots (or about 1-half head of cabbage and 4-carrots shredded)
    Chill for several hours before serving
        Dry small to medium (1/2" thick or less) fillets on a paper towel
        and rub with Cajun Seasoning
Melt about 2-tablespoons butter in a very hot cast iron skillet
Butter should sizzle and smoke!
    Fry seasoned fillets for about a minute on each side just until they
    start to flake and are no longer opaque in the middle
    Dry crappie, catfish or bass fillets on paper towels and coat with olive oil
    seasoned with Jamaican Jerk, Cajun or Lemon Pepper seasoning
    Bake in a glass baking dish in preheated 400-degree oven for about
    20-minutes or just until fillets start to flake and turn white

        Dry 8 to 10 crappie fillets on a paper towel
    Place about 2-cups Cheez Nips or Cheese Rits crackers, 1/2-cup
    walnuts or pecans and about 1-tablespoon Cajun seasoning (more or
    less to taste) into a food processor and process into a fine meal
        Coat fillets with about 2-tablespoons melted butter or olive oil
        and dredge in cracker meal mixture
    Arrange fillets so that sides are touching but not overlapping in a
    glass baking dish coated with butter, non-stick cooking spray or olive oil
    Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes - serve hot

Steep (don't boil) about two cups crappie fillets in 6-cups water
seasoned with 2 to 3-tablespoons Louisiana brand crawfish, crab,
shrimp boil seasoning for about 20-minutes then drain and chill
    Chop cooked and chilled crappie and combine with 1-cup sour cream, 1
    8oz package cream cheese, 1/2-cup finely chopped celery, 1/2-cup finely
    chopped onion and 1-tablespoon each lemon juice, Worcestershire
    sauce and Cajun seasoning and chill
Serve with chili sauce, dip with Ritz crackers, or veggies
Also makes great sandwich spread (without the chili sauce)